Hunting Check-in Information

First we would like to thank you for choosing us for your outfitter and we look forward to your arrival and the thrill of being together during this exciting adventure. We take pride in offering a safe, exciting and family friendly hunting experience with your SAFETY being our number one priority.

We now allow non-hunting guests!

You may bring a non-hunting guests for $75 per person, per day fee and they can join you on your hunt or wait for you with our guides at our base camp.

The following is important information for the hunters and the non-hunting guests. If you have purchased a hunt, this page has also been emailed to you. Please pass it on to everyone attending to read carefully.

Please remember!

A 50% deposit of total package cost per hunter is charged to your card when you booked and the remaining balance is due on at the beginning of the hunt. We also apply a 20% guide gratuity to the total package that will be collected in cash at the end of the hunt. No additional tipping is necessary. The guide Gratuity is NEVER included in your package price for any reason and is due in cash at the end of the hunt. Deposits are non-transferable.

Also please remember to bring your animal Disposal/Skinning fees in cash. The Disposal/Skinning fee will also be collected at the end of your hunt on ALL animals’ whether you take your meat or not. This fee also covers the disposal of unwanted animals. Disposal/Skinning fees are NEVER included in your package price for any reason and is due in cash at the end of the hunt.

Hunting Times

  • 24 Hour Check-in- Please remember that you must call 941-549 0662 to check-in the day before your hunt to make final arrangements and directions to the hunting ranch.
  • Guaranteed Buggy Preserve Hunts- typically start at 8:00am and end at 12:00pm. These hunt times can be adjusted at the discretion of your guide.
  • Guaranteed Preserve hunts- over bait begin at 2:00 Pm until Dark.
  • Wild Non-guaranteed hog hunts over bait- start at 2pm and end at dark.
  • Guaranteed Night Vision Hog Hunts start an hour before dark. Later times are available upon request.
  • Both Guaranteed and Non-Guaranteed multiple day hunts- start at 2:00 pm and end at noon on last day of hunt.’
  • Cabin Check in time is 2:00pm and check-out time is 11:00 am

What to Bring

  • Rubber Boots– These will keep human scent down. A hog’s first line of defense is to avoid unfamiliar odors – especially human, but not necessary.
  • Clothing – Plan on bringing Gear for temperatures between 80 to 95 degrees in the summer and 45-80 in the winter. We recommend that you wear lightweight camo and pack a jacket.
  • Your Positive Attitude- at Alligator Alley we take pride in providing a safe and fun family Outfit. Due to the fact that firearms are involved we have a zero tolerance policy for disruptive or belligerent behavior.
  • Make sure your weapon is in tip top shape before you arrive. If you are bringing your own weapon please have it sighted in before you arrive. We do have a range to check your zero before the hunt if needed. You may legally use any caliber for hog hunting in Florida INCLUDING AR-15 style sporting rifles. (We do not recommend hunting with semiautomatic pistols such as 9mm, 40 cal etc.)
  • No licenses are required in Florida for feral hog hunting with a guide in private land. If hunting deer you may purchase your license beforehand on the FWC website.
  • We will require you to sign a “release of liability” and collect the balance of your hunt fee in cash before your hunt begins so please be prepared.
  • Bring a good flashlight. Some of our hunts continue until after dusk so you will need it to get back from your stand.
  • Do not forget your safety harness! If you choose to hunt from one of our many tree stand stands please bring your own harness. We also offer blinds that do not require a harness.
  • Bring Snacks and Drinks- We do provide cold drinks but you may wish to bring your favorite drinks and snacks in case you get hungry.
  • You will need a cooler with ice to take your meat home. We will skin and quarter your animal for a fee.
  • Please remember our guaranteed opportunity rifle hunts are for rifle only. We do not guarantee any hunt with the use of alternative weapons such as archery, crossbows, spears, pistols, and air rifles.

Can videos / photos be taken during my hunt?

At Alligator Alley, Your safety and the safety of the guides is our #1 Priority. You will have the opportunity at the end of your hunt to take Photos with your claimed animal and hunt party. Due to the Dangerous nature of Hog Hunting, Swamp Buggies and Firearms, we do not allow the use of any type of camera or phones during the hunt. We want your full phocus to be the hunt and the safety of yourself and persons around you. Before the hunt orientation begins, we will ask our guest to stow all Phones, Cameras and other valuables in their locked vehicle.

Can I bring my side arm for safety?

Side arms are not suitable for protection against wild hog attacks and are not permitted for use by our Guests or Guides at any time. Not only is it for safety, these weapons are not designed for hog hunting and there will be a lot of transport, getting in and out of vehicles and terrain travel, making side arms a risk to those involved increasing the risk of accidentally discharge. For Your safety, our Guides will carry a proper back up weapon at all times.

Trophy & Meat Care

Our guides will cape your animal so you can take it to the taxidermist of your choice. If you plan on have taxidermy completed make sure you bring a large enough cooler to include your animal hide and skull to take with you. Our guides will skin the animal completely, leaving attached to skull to ensure it’s not damaged. We cannot store any taxidermy or meat, all must be taken with your when you leave our ranch.
We do no handle or store any capes for taxidermy so please choose your own taxidermist and make arrangements before your trip.

Your guide will skin and quarter your meat hog for $40 or trophy hog for $85  and pack it on ice in your cooler. You may donate your meat but all skinning/disposal fees still apply. Hogs must be cleaned to be donated. If you would like to take your animal whole and have it
processed you may do so. As per Florida Law we may not store your meat or process without a USDA butcher license.


Enjoy a stay off the beaten path in one of our new rustic on-site cabins which is included with our Fort Myer’s Ranch Upgrade. All of our cabins have running hot water, shower[m1] , Wifi, toilets, heat, Air conditioning, Outdoor charcoal grills, lcd tvs, dvd players, refrigerators, microwaves, cooktop stove and large beds. Perfect place to get away from all the traffic and tourist! Fire pits and firewood included!

Lodging Booking Info
Phone: 239-243-9663


You may call 941-549-0662 to reschedule your hunt any time up to 7 days prior to your hunt date with no reschedule fee. If you must cancel and do not know the date for reschedule, you will have the option to receive a gift certificate with a 5 year expiration date. You may also gift the certificate to another person. Any and all refunds are given on the form of vouchers only.


To ensure that you have the best hunting opportunity possible, our guides rotate the hunting pressure among all of our ranches. Please call us for check in instructions and locations ONE day prior to your scheduled hunt – no earlier. Call Andy at 941-549-0662 24 hours before your hunt to check in.

It is a requirement for every hunter or non-hunting guest that will be attending the hunt to electronically sign our waiver.

Skinning and quartering/Animal disposal and taxidermy fees are separate costs. We do no handle or store any capes for taxidermy so please choose your own taxidermist and make arrangements before your trip.

Your guide will skin and quarter your animal for an additional fee and pack it on ice in your cooler. You may donate your meat but all skinning/disposal fees still apply. Hogs must be cleaned to be donated. If you would like to take your animal whole and have it processed you may do so. As per Florida Law we may not store your meat or process without a USDA butcher license

Our Goal

We take great pride in continuing traditions here. Our dedicated and professionally staffed teams of guides are here to ensure quality service and the ultimate outdoor experience to our customers. We offer some of the best hunting opportunities in the state of Florida with proven high success rates. Our goal is to provide an unparalleled professional service to preserve the rich tradition of hunting. We thank you for taking the time to visit us online and personally welcome you to discover Florida Boar Hunting, the way it should be!

Directions & Post-Booking Questions: Call 941-549-0662