Hunting Bison in Florida takes outdoor activities to the next level. But since catching large animals can be challenging, Alligator Alley teaches you several tips to make your Bison hunt a success.

Hunting Preparation

Preparation before hunting involves numerous steps like choosing the right apparel and gear to use for hunting. The best clothing to wear is comfortable from top to toe. Wear comfortable activity shoes to protect your feet from walking and hiking. Rain suit will also be necessary for protection when it’s raining. However, be mindful of some rain suits’ materials because they tend to be noisy when in contact with grass or shrubs. you’ll be stalking your target, which has keen sense, and it may run away the second it hears the sound.

Another important tip for hunting Bison in Florida is choosing the right hunting weapon. Guests can choose from a wide array of weapons available, but remember that Bison are very large animals. Putting them down will be easier if using a rifle. Bison have a tendency to charge away or towards the hunter. a good rifle and ammunition increase the chances of securing your target on the first shot. For the best results, consult with your hunting guide to choose the right gear of preference, but effective enough in capturing your prey.

Go For Shorter Range

One of the mistakes in hunting Bison is going for a long shot on the first try. Nevertheless, this is not the right move because of the lack of expertise in shooting the target. Not hitting the target right away will cause them to run away to their pack for protection. Limit a hundred yards between you and the target and continue practicing accuracy on that distance whenever you’re hunting.

Stay in The Right Location

Your goal when hunting Bison in Florida is to keep your target from running to the forested area or to its pack. The best shooting location is between the Bison and the forested area. This will help you catch the Bison before it conceals itself in the woods.

Find and Verify Your Target

The advantage of setting a hundred yard distance from the Bison is the simplicity of finding and verifying your target. You will easily see its size, body and sex.

Go for a Double Lung Shot

A double lung shot is the best shot to disable the target. Locate this part by finding the spot behind the front elbow area then shoot. Fire a second shot to kill the target. Don’t target a Bison’s head because they have a thick skull that is nearly bulletproof. Those hunting Bison in Florida with experience have found a double lung shot to be best.

Take Precaution when Shooting

Precaution is important while shooting. Avoid firing on a running Bison unless you are aiming for a second kill shot. Also, ensure that you’re shooting the right wounded Bison to keep from shooting others in the pack.

When you’re hunting Bison in Florida, Alligator Alley Outfitters gives you the best hunting site and expert guides to make your hunting memorable. Call us at 239-243-9663 to schedule your hunting experience.