Welcome to Alligator Alley Outfitters!

Home of the ultimate South Florida Hog Hunt.

Alligator Alley is Florida’s most notable outfitter for authentic Florida hunting in addition to adventure experiences. Acting as the largest premier Archery, Gun, and Family Focused Guide Service in the state and featuring unique experiences such as Swamp Buggy hunts and year-round gator hunting opportunities, we pride ourselves in bringing the upmost professionalism to the outfitter experience.

Our private properties cover large expanses of beautiful native Florida swamp, pine, and oak hammock land and give anyone the chance of a lifetime to connect with a one of a kind experience.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the hunting world, a hardened outdoorsman, or a youth participating in our Wild Hope Charity Program we have a place for you here. Our industry best cabins will have you feeling right at home and our guides bring old Florida knowledge built on years of experience since our inception in 1992 to each hunt.

We take pride in what we do and believe in giving everyone a quality individual experience. Join us today and find your next adventure here.

Be Wary When Choosing Your Guide!

As passionate hunters and sportsman ourselves, we have hunted with many outfitters in Florida and were not pleased with many of their antics. Nothing is more aggravating then traveling many miles only to fall prey to a “Tourist Trap Style Hunt”. Here is a list we have both experienced for ourselves and heard from our fellow hunters.

Hidden Cost: Many of the outfitters we encountered applied many fees that were not listed on their websites; almost doubling the price! Some include hidden skinning and taxidermy fees along with bogus trophy fees on animals that were very questionable at best. We have even had hunters tell us that other outfitters called law enforcement on them when they refused the bogus fees! Law Enforcement then made them pay!

Name Games: Some Outfitters use names, words like “Everglades” or “Cypress”, to give you the illusion that your hunt will take place in a scenic location when, in fact, most of them hunt in under 50 acre farm fields with a fence to contain hogs for easy shooting.

Conveyor Belt Hunts: Several Florida Hunting Guides seemed to be set up to get you in and out at an accelerated pace. They will give you a very fast, obnoxious, orientation and put you on a Swamp Buggy Hunt inside a small fenced area where you must shoot at your first opportunity. They love to use many fun looking photos on their website to make you think its going to be a great time; quickly becoming a very common tourist trap.

“Wanna Be” Guides: Unfortunately Florida does not require Outfitter permits so this field can attract people that have very little hunting knowledge and are not employable in other areas due to Criminal records or lack of people skills. Worse yet, some of these people we know for a fact have had their employment terminated by larger outfitters for theft and poor customer service.

The “Booking Agent” Guide: This is the newest and largest problem that we are seeing today. Many people have decided to open “Outfitter services” based on a sub-let property or even other outfitters property. These people have nothing but a “virtual” outfit and are only marking up other outfitters prices. They seem to be the most aggressive Internet advertisers, using very elaborate looking template websites, and boasting hunts on hundreds, even thousands, of acres without owning, or even leasing, any land. These people could care less if you have a good time or not since you wont even meet them.

Our Mission

We take great pride in continuing the tradition here at Alligator Alley Outfitters with honesty and integrity. We are a completely Mid-Western owned and operated Christian Outfitter Service with the Mid-Hunter in mind. In the early 90s, after traveling many times ourselves to south Florida to hunt wild hogs and being disappointed numerous times, we decided it was time to bring professionalism to our beloved sport of Florida Hog hunting. With our years of guiding experience and our Mid-Western hard working mentality along with our dedicated and professionally trained staff we have become one of the largest hunting outfitters in the country.

This success has given us the opportunity to own thousands of acres and not have to be dependent on land leases or any other outside influences. This will ensure quality of service and the ultimate outdoor experience for generations to come. We offer some of the best hunting opportunities in the state of Florida with proven success in both trophies and hunter satisfaction. Our goal is to continue the rich tradition of hunting for the entire family and provide the experience of a lifetime without the worry of being mislead or treated as a “Yankee Tourist” as they love to call us! Now you have a place in Florida where you will be treated as our family with some real Mid-western hospitality!

“I can honestly say that the professionalism and family atmosphere that they bring to every hunt is unmatched and I will be recommending them to anyone interested in a real Florida hog hunting experience. Thanks a lot, Mark & Crew”
Jacob L.

“Good people who genuinely take pride in the wildlife and land management. Very knowledgeable staff, and they will go above and beyond to make sure you have a good time. Safe and professional. Awesome cabins!”
Matt L.