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Florida Hog Hunting

If you are looking for real, wild, action-packed wild Florida hog hunting you found it. No fences, 100% wild florida boar, and we will guarantee you an opportunity! Top guides, waterfront lodging, convenient location, tons of hunting styles, trophy game – come see why we are the best outfitter in Florida for wild boar hunting.

1. No License Required
2. Can Hunt With rifle, bow, Knife, Shotgun, or Spear
3. Hog & Gator Hunts — 365 days A Year!
4. 2 Great Locations near Fort Meyers & Tampa
5. No Fences — Guaranteed Opportunities
6. Waterfront Lodging only $69/night
7. Sizzling Fall Special — 245.00 Hog Hunt

We look forward to making this a great experience for all! We want you to be so pleased with your hunt that you tell your family, friends, and co-workers about us, detailing your vivid memories, bringing to life for them, your hunt.

Fall Morning Florida Hog Hunting Special - Book Now

Florida Hog Hunting

Sizzling Fall Special! No Trophy Fees!

Read about the thrilling experience of just one of our valued guests in his own words:
The Real Thrill Of A Real Hunter…In His Own Words

Florida Hog HuntingI was in Florida hog hunting one early morning, the temperature was nearing 74 degrees Fahrenheit. I could feel the warmth of the sun rising in the clear blue South Florida sky.

As we worked our way along an oak finger on the edge of a mature saw palmetto field my guide Andy, 10 yards in front clearing the way as we went, signaled to hold up.  There were 8-10 hogs 60 yards to our right rooting it up. Andy gave me some quick last minute instruction then…

…I took aim and let the Benelli 270 WSM speak out, one time, that round found its way to a 282 lb. boar hogs heart that expired 25 to 30 yards from point of impact.

Dan’s Gator Kill

Florida Hog HuntingWhat a thrilling and satisfying hunt, my guide Andy did all the heavy lifting, then back to camp for a late lunch and a little storytelling then I have a date with a juicy meat pig.  Sitting in a huge non-baited house blind located in an area where there is a lot of travel going to and from feeding/bedding areas by the hogs.

I saw some real nice meat pigs that night I just couldn’t get a clean shot but that’s hunting.  Real hunting!

What a great start to a 3 day cast and blast, I am filled with anticipation waiting for tomorrows alligator hunt!  More to come.

Sincerely, Dan Nemis

Thanks Dan, for that great recount of events.  As you can imagine Dan was so excited from his hog hunts that he wrote his testimonial so he could relax enough for his Florida gator hunt the next morning!

Don’t Think Dan Was A One Shot Wonder!

Dan is one of our many repeat hunters that has experienced the success of taking trophy boar hog in the wild of Southern Florida.

We don’t want you to think that Dan’s experience was just a one-off deal.  As hunters, we all know ANYONE can get one lucky shot and make it sound like a career.

If you are like us and eat, drink, sleep and breathe the excitement of really serious hunting adventures; then I am sure, just like us, Dan’s note got your juices flowing too!

Hunting wild boar and hogs is not for the faint of heart or the weak of knee.  This is sporting game at its absolute best.

Hunting and taking some of the largest and most dangerous animals in North America in close quarters on their own turf.  It doesn’t get much better than that for the serious adventurer.

Dear Sportsmen,

Hog hunting as a sport is growing in popularity. With an overabundance of game our fall rates have never been more affordable.

It’s not uncommon for hunters to bag 250 lb. + trophy sized hogs, of course if you’re looking to fill the freezer just let your guide know and he will put you on a succulent tender piggy.

Take a look at what some of-our other guests had to say about their own experiences with us.

Molly Brackeen★ ★ ★ ★ ★ had an absolute blast!!! Two day hog hunt, group of 7 and took 8 pigs! We will be eating good for awhile! The staff was excellent, helpful, and knowledgeable. Thanks for a great trip!!! We WILL be back! Worth every penny

David Mains Jr.★ ★ ★ ★ ★Unbelievable hunt! Killed a monster boar at last light with my 11 year old. I will be hunting with again.

John Simmerman★ ★ ★ ★ ★Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. Can’t say it enough, Thank you for a great wild boar hunt. You guys rock!!.

Billy Kasprzak Went down for a honeymoon hunt with my wife, not a single bad thought ever ran across my mind! His crew treated us like friends and not just another client.  Defiantly went the extra distance to make sure our hunt was a success and that we had a great time. YES WE WILL BE BOOKING FOR 1YEAR ANNIVERSARY NEXT YEAR!!!

We have pages of testimonials, just like the ones above. Of course the best testimonial will be your testimonial. Your friends will think you’re bragging they may even laugh it up a little bit, at your expense. That is…

…until you drag out your trophy Florida boar that you had mounted.  And accompanied by your full color pictures, honoring your best vacation ever.  What a great way to remember your hunt and stifle the nay Sayers.

Your complete satisfaction is our number one goal.  Our guides know you are taking time out of your schedule to come and experience boar hunting with us.

So, we feel honored and compelled to make your vacation the best trip you’ve ever had.  And that’s why our guides will go the extra mile that it often time takes to help you discover a very real opportunity for the trophy hog hunt of a lifetime.

Florida Hog Hunting with the legendary Florida’s Extreme Adventures! Hunt with all weapons. Located in the Fort Myers & Tampa area, we are Florida’s Largest free range Hog Hunting Guide Service . Book your hunt with us today & enjoy thousands of acres of Wild Florida hog hunts!

Recent Hunt with Larysa Unleashed TV Featured on The Sportmans Channel

Recent Hunt with Larysa Unleashed TV Featured on The Sportmans Channel

Real Florida hog hunting as we like to call it is a very exciting experience for new and seasoned sportsmen alike.

Here at Florida Extreme Adventures there are many ways in which you can experience your hunt. Whether it be a spot and stalk hunt—where we move about quietly looking for a shot opportunity on a feeding monster hog, or perhaps you would rather sit in one of our easy access elevated house blinds and let the action come to you…

You never know who’s going to show up, maybe it’s a bobcat, squirrel, Osceola turkey, Florida black bear or the very elusive Florida Panther all have been seen on our expansive properties by our hunting sportsmen.

Maybe you like lots of action, then let me introduce you to Real Florida hog hunting over dogs.  If you’ve never hunted over dogs you are in for a real treat. The action starts immediately, as you cut the dogs into the wild.

It doesn’t take long for them to connect on a wild hog, come see real dog men in action! Making your hunt the hunt of a lifetime! Our year ‘round fair chase hunts are sure to make the hair on the back of your neck tingle from all the excitement, keeping it real in the wild.


Hunting Wild Boar in Florida


We offer three types of Hog hunting styles to suit your every hunting need.  Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned sportsman.
1. Hog Hunt from Tree Stand or Blind Hunts
Fall Special Price only $245.00! No trophy fees, no surprises!

2. Hog Hunting Over Dogs

This is the perfect hog hunting style for the hunter that likes to stay on the move and busy! Join our guides on our Swamp Buggy as you chase the dogs through the Florida terrain to the action. Price – $365.00 no trophy fees, no surprises.

3. Spot and Stalk Hog Hunts

Join one of our experienced guides for a fully guided stalk hunt through the Jungle, Oak Forest, Cypress Swamps and Glades to find feeding sounders of Wild Hog $245.00 no trophy fees, no surprises.

4. Cast & Blast

Our most popular hunt, offers for the true Sportsmen the opportunity for a trophy Florida boar hog and a trophy Florida Alligator. (We have more gator tags than all our competition together) come and see why!


Better get in while the getting is good. We are flush with “Quality Animals”

  • We have been featured many times on the Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, A&E and Discovery Channel and are currently filming a special for National Geographic.


Not only do we offer a variety of exciting hunts, we have a waterfront resort for lodging. Save hundreds on your stay! Let us help you with the accommodations




Florida Hog Hunting

Let’s go huntin! This adrenaline-filled sport is a wild success for patrons who visit Florida Extreme Adventures. Most people have never been on a property this expansive. (Thousands of acres)

Your visual cues tell you, you are deep into some of God’s greenest acres, the signs at camp tell you there is danger all around so all your senses are at their peak–which only add to the excitement.  Florida Extreme Adventures wants to make this hunt an unforgettable-lifetime experience for you and yours….

Take a minute to look us over we’re sure if you are looking for the hunt of a lifetime, Florida Extreme Adventures can make it happen.  Your toughest chore is gonna be picking the right hunt. After that, you just need to get here and let us take care of the rest of your hunting needs.

What Sets Us Apart
  • Our Guides- When it comes to Florida hog hunting, you’re going to want Professional full-time guides that know their hunting grounds like the back of their hand.Come experience true Sportsmen, sharing their craft with you-Making your time with us all the more memorable.  We charge an 18$ guide fee on all hunting packages. Our Guides earn their living off of your tips. Tipping your guide in addition to the guide fee is always appreciated. Your success is their job!
  • Our Hunts- We offer 3 types of hunts, the house blind, or ladder stand hunt. This is a great hunt for anyone looking to observe nature while waiting for that elusive trophy boar hog to show.
  • The next hunt is our spot & stalk hunt-for the active sportsman that’s willing to put in the leg work-this type of hunt demands.
  • Our Dog Hunts are probably the “hunter favorite” This hunt is action packed from beginning to end. Not for the faint of heart.  Now it’s time to get ready for some Real Florida Hog Hunting. 
  • Water Front Lodging- Let those other guys stay in those dirty lodges our newly remodeled Water Front Luxury Hotel is ready for your occupancy. Let us help you with your accommodations. 
  • Location – finding your way to the best Florida hog hunting-has never been easier. Our ranches are centrally located just north of Fort Myers and just south of Tampa Bay, Florida. Take a road trip close by to the scenic beaches and other areas of interest in Florida. 
  • Low Pricing – get an unforgettable experience that won’t break the bank. Florida Hog Hunting offers several packages for different budgets. All structured pricing is transparent, without any hidden fees – So, no surprises after booking. 
  • Kid-Friendly Hog Hunting – Teach young ones the ropes with our no-age limit hunting ranch. Naturally, each minor will need to be accompanied by an adult. 
  • No License Needed – Florida requires wildlife hunters to secure proper licensing to avoid fines and other legal implications. With Florida Hog Hunting, this step is bypassed with our tour-guided registration. 
  • Year-Round Availability – Florida offers the perfect climate for hog hunts and other wildlife captures. Even with state-mandated regulations, our registered facility offers private lands to hunt all year long. No matter the season, we offer several tours to suit your needs.


Florida’s interior offers some of God’s Greenest Acres and some of the nicest scenery anywhere and there are many parks to visit as well.  But for many-the best way to witness all the beauty is to book a hunt.

We couldn’t agree more!  Our hunts are in the wild and baited, to up your chance of success.  Other stands are not baited but strategically located on our properties your choice of hunt.  We are always ready to show you a great hunt! In God’s Country.  Are you ready to book?

Book Your Florida Hog Hunting Trip

Our large hunting ranches are conveniently located just minutes north of Fort Myers and we now offer new locations just minutes south of Tampa.

Our highly trained guides combined with our massive South Florida Hunting Ranches, create one of the most successful hunting operations in the country.

Please remember-our guides work their butt off to make your hunt memorable. We charge an 18% guide fee on all hunting packages. Tipping your guides in addition is greatly appreciated.

Come see why we have been featured many times on the Outdoor Channel, Sportsman’s Channel and many other Outdoor networks and you too can hunt where the pros hunt! We take great pride in being the #1 Destination for Florida Hog Hunting!


Tom Nelson – The American Archer

Florida Hog Hunting

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  • All natural all wild hunts
  • No trophy fees
  • No fees
  • No surprises
  • Large population of trophy boar hogs
  • Large population of succulent meat pigs
  • Sizzling Fall Special (245.00 blind/stand hunt limited time only ends October 31st 2015)
  • 99.6% success rate IN THE WILD

Book your hunt now! Or Call 239-243-9663  Come-build lasting memories….    Sincerely,  David G. Managing Partner

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Florida Hog Hunts with any weapons

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Florida Hog Hunts with any weapons